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History of The Pierre Part Store
The Pierre Part Store has a grocery department (grocery, produce, deli and an in-store bakery) as well as a full-service hardware and lumber department which includes everything you need to build a home from the ground up. The Pierre Part Store's modest beginning started in 1911 by its founders, Honore St. Germain, Sr and Alcee Fournerette. The original Pierre Part Store location was at Pierre Part Bay.

In early years, lots of people in the Pierre Part area earned their living by picking and selling moss (which was used for stuffing furniture and mattresses). Pierre Part Store conducted much of its business thru the trade of moss for goods.

In the late 1950's and early 60's, when roads became more traveled, Pierre Part Store incorporated a traveling bus to reach out to those who were without transportation. On the side of the bus read "Service At Your Door”. This bus traveled around the community and people could shop without ever leaving home.

As the business grew, product demand became greater than the current modest building could accommodate. Parking had also become very limited as most customers now traveled by automobile. It was very clear to the owner, Honore "Sug” St.Germain, Jr. that the business would have to be relocated. In 1968 a new Building was erected where it stands today along Highway 70 in Pierre Part. Though its original size was 26,000 square feet, it once again proved too small and in 1985 a 36,000 square feet expansion was added including warehouses to store excess inventory and lumber. Today, Pierre Part Store spans over Eight Acres of property.

Owners, Gerald St.Germain, Kenneth St.Germain, Logi Guillot along with the St.Germain and Guillot Families are both proud and humbled to be part of such historical and prosperous business that has thrived in the Pierre Part Community for almost 100 Years. We are thankful to the many local people of Pierre Part, Belle River and surrounding communities who have supported our business over the years. We are also grateful to the people who choose to camp and visit in our area. It means a lot to know that others can appreciate the beauty of our little town of Pierre Part. As always, Thank You For Shopping at Pierre Part Store, Your One Stop Shopping Center.



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